Based in London, AgileDat is a leading provider of software development, cloud architecture and data services.

Modern technology.
Fast results.

AgileDat provide cost effective engineering services that evaluate and quantify risks to offshore assets during design, procurement, manufacture and installation through to decommissioning.

We combine modern software development, cloud computing and data science techniques with traditional engineering practice to efficiently deliver these services to the offshore energy industry.

We focus on quality control of our engineering, proactive problem solving and clear presentation of our findings and recommendations.

Software development

Creating modern, cloud-based enterprise applications

We specialise in taking legacy systems, many built using Microsoft Excel, and re-designing them for the modern enterprise. This includes development of remote data stores and interfaces that can sustain slow or intermittent data connections. We use tried and tested architecture and design patterns that place the end user at the heart of the development process.

Developing automation systems to increase efficiency

AgileDat developers know that repetitive tasks can be a drain on staff time, damage moral and lead to costly “copy and paste” errors. We can alleviate these issues with custom automation systems. These systems can help speed up business processes such as data processing and reporting to deliver continuous value to your organisation.

Cloud architecture

Moving on-premises systems to the cloud

Running a local file server you need to VPN into to do work? Still sharing files by attaching them to emails only to have the larger ones bounce back? Keeping duplicate versions of files on your local drive when you travel? At AgileDat we’ve got the expertise to move any business system from on-premises to the cloud.

Creating secure back-up or scaling capacity in the cloud

If your organisation runs computer-aided engineering systems such as FEA or CFD packages then you’ll have faced the inevitable constraint of server capacity. Perhaps your simulation files were taking up so much space on the server that your IT administrators asked you to move them somewhere else. Maybe you had a deadline that was because “computer said no” and there wasn’t enough capacity to re-run before the deadline. AgileDat developers have been solving these problems with cloud computing solutions that can end up paying for themselves.

Data, monitoring & The Internet of Things

Storing, managing and using your existing data to provide valuable business insights

Almost all staff and business activity in a modern business creates data. Usually this data is stored once and never used again. Often, data is stored in separate systems which are not linked. However, there may be important relationships within this data. Can we predict future demand for an item from our current CRM activity? If so maybe we could order in larger quantities and get a discount. AgileDat can help answer questions like this with well understood techniques such as clustering and regression analysis on datasets of any size.

Data acquisition methodologies and creating and managing connected devices

Recent technological advances have made it possible to make almost any item of equipment “smart”. AgileDat data acquisition engineers can design systems to store data generated for a wide range of devices and stream that data for cloud processing. This processed information can be easily formatted into a dashboard with pre-set alerts to keep managers up to date with the activity of remote assets.